Friday, 24 January 2014

Tips For Arranging Your Bedroom Furniture

If you’re stuck for inspiration when it comes to arranging your bedroom then look no further here are some useful tips that will help you to create a functional yet decorative bedroom that its both practical and comfortable.

The bed is of course the heart of any bedroom - so it will naturally become the focal point. Whether you have a single, double or even a four poster, your bed is highly important so make a feature of it.

If you have a large bed (double or king-size) then it must be assumed that you have a pretty large bedroom. If this is the case then a popular position is to place it on the main wall opposite the entrance to the room, this way the bed will be the first thing you see when you open the door.

Be sure not to place your bed in front of a window this could mean you could get a draft at night when you sleep. Also avoid putting your bed in front of the radiator, as it will block the heat reaching other areas of the room.

Don’t place your bed in the middle of the room or where it is going to become an obstruction. Placing a bed in the middle of the room is only going to make the room seem smaller and take up extra space.

Try and be creative use more untraditional methods of arranging your furniture, if your bedroom is part of a loft conversion for example, then you may have to utilise your space more effectively.

The Master Bedroom
Not all master bedrooms are huge so its important to make use of the space you have, try and keep your room clutter free by only using the furniture you need for example only have a bedside table if you need one for example if you read or have a lamp that needs a home.It may be worth just using a headboard without the floor board which could make the room seem smaller.

Student’s and Teens Bedrooms
The way you arrange your bedroom will completely depend on what sort of person you are and the functionality of your bedroom. If you're a student for example it may be worth separating your room into two halves one for studying and the other for resting.

Kids Bedrooms
Similarly if you’re arranging your child's bedroom - there needs to be a distinction between bedtime and playtime. Try and keep any toys and games away from the bed it only serves as a temptation for kids at bedtime.

You generally need to think about safety issues surrounding kids rooms, keep the bed away from windows and any curtains and blind cords.You want to make sure that the chests and cabinets can’t be pulled over and are in a secure place - be sure to fasten them to the wall if possible. Other things to consider are plastic safe guards on plugs and cable ties.

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