Wednesday, 29 January 2014

8 Creative Ways to Spend Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again, the count down is on and whether you’re in a relationship or not you need to start considering how you will spend your Valentines day.

If you can afford to splash out this February then go ahead but you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds in order to make your day special. It’s difficult to not be cliche - but if you’re struggling for ideas here are some inspirational ways on how to make your Valentines Day one to remember.

Whether you sprinkle rose petals over the bed or write meaningful messages to put up around the house - decorations can make all the difference. Light some decorative aroma candles to create the perfect ambiance, if you have a fireplace light it up - dim the lights and put on a collection of slow jams - need I say any more.

In the hot-tub

Relax and unwind together in a hot tub, what better way to spend your evening together? The intimate environment is the perfect setting for you and your spouse to get up close and personal. Once you're relaxed why not offer you spouse a massage or just sit back and leave the jet air bubbles do all the work. Spending Valentines Day In Your Hot Tub really does sound like the perfect night in.

With your community

If all the lovey dovey stuff isn’t your sort of thing then why not try and help others this valentines day by taking part in some volunteer work - do to you local homeless shelter and help out those less fortunate than you.

You could even bake cookies or make cards for your local hospital or elderly home. Try and spread the love and show that you care about others members of community.

Cook a romantic meal

They say the way to a man heart is through his stomach and there’s nothing more romantic for a woman than getting treated to a candle lit meal that's been cooked by her man. Make them a meal they’ll never forget and wow them with your skills - they’ll really appreciate the effort you put in.

If cooking really isn’t your thing and you're looking for something different then why visit the Dans Le Noir restaurant in London an ultimate dining experience that is served in complete darkness - let your taste buds come alive with a choice of four menus including a surprise option.

Watch a movie

Don’t just watch any old movie - you need to put more thought into it than that! Put your partner's favourite film on it will show them that you're in touch with who they are and that you're prepared to put their preferences before your own.

Make a Gift

Valentines day really isn’t about the gifts but if you really want to impress your spouse then why not have a go making you loved one the perfect gift. Get creative and make it personal. Why don’t you try writing down the top 10 things you love about your partner but it in a frame and but it inside their wardrobe or hang it above their mirror.

On your own

If your single don’t panic you’re not on your own they’re a plenty of singletons out there who are in exactly the same position try and be positive and do something to make you feel great. They are plenty of ways to make yourself feel special - why not have a pamper night, run yourself a bath sit back relax and enjoy some me time.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day Valentines day is about spending time with the person you love if your strapped for cash this year don’t worry - it’s not about how much you spend it really is the thought that counts.

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