Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Motorhome holiday memories

I so agree with Coco Chanel's mind-set according to which, the best things in life are free (with the second best thing being things very very expensive!). One of the greatest things about traveling with a motorhome is definitely the sense of freedom you get and the endless options for holidays that offer unique experiences. To me, exploring the world with a motorhome and living your days as you wish, with the company of your loved ones is simply unbeatable. You see a cute village? An interesting site? A breathtaking view? A bewildering sunrise? A romantic sunset? You just pull over and let yourself take everything in, till the last cell of your body feels the beauty your eyes see. Plus, you make so many friends along the way, some of which may be friends for life! You never know.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Nursery themes ideas

Decorating your baby's room is one of the many great joys that comes along with being new parents. For those budding designers, it is a chance to create a room unlike any other in your house, where the usual rules of style need not apply if you don’t want them to.

Today, I  am going to be focussing on some of the themes you could employ in your baby’s room, ready for when it arrives. These look to cross a lot of different styles, so hopefully you’ll find one that will be right for you and the little one.