Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Nursery themes ideas

Decorating your baby's room is one of the many great joys that comes along with being new parents. For those budding designers, it is a chance to create a room unlike any other in your house, where the usual rules of style need not apply if you don’t want them to.

Today, I  am going to be focussing on some of the themes you could employ in your baby’s room, ready for when it arrives. These look to cross a lot of different styles, so hopefully you’ll find one that will be right for you and the little one.


If you’re not looking for anything extravagant, going down the simple route is actually a very cost-conscious way to go about things. It opens up the doors to simple cots, rocking chairs and dressers, which you can easily buy secondhand. That doesn’t mean it has to be bare though.

Choosing the best colours for your baby’s bedroom is a great place to start. You could stick to the usual pink for a girl and blue for a boy, or change things up with other equally soft colours. Paint the walls in these block colours, and you’ll have a room that feels appropriate, but one that also doesn’t break the bank.


If your budget can stretch further, most people will go for either a modern chic look or a traditional, classic nursery style. The latter is great if you want to create that timeless feel. An old school rocking chair and crib have a certain quaint value, and are likely to be cheaper than going down the contemporary route. Plus, the timeless quality means you can reuse them should another baby come along without it looking out of date.


Alternatively, you could go all out on the contemporary look. There are a lot of modern inventions that may look out of place in a traditionally themed bedroom, but look right at home in a contemporary one. Gliders, for example, are modern reinterpretations of rocking chairs, using a mechanism to create a more gentle swing.

Both of these themes offer different advantages when it comes to reselling. Traditional baby furniture will still be easy to sell after a few years, as it isn’t tied to any trend. Modern baby furniture may have a shorter resell period, but it will hold its value better.


Let’s say you want to do something a little more out there. What options do you have? Well really, your only limitation is your own imagination! For example, animal motifs are common among baby items, such as furniture and toys. If your son or daughter is getting a lot of animal toys, why not decorate their room with pictures of birds, dogs, cats, and whatever other animal you please?


Going one step further, there is never too early a time to introduce your little one to Disney and the like. Throwing up pictures of your Disney favourites (soon to become their Disney favourites) is one idea, but why not go all the way and decorate it like a princess room, or like Andy’s room from Toy Story?

Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll love it. Just don’t do anything in half measures - commit to the theme, and the results you want will follow.

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