Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Motorhome holiday memories

I so agree with Coco Chanel's mind-set according to which, the best things in life are free (with the second best thing being things very very expensive!). One of the greatest things about traveling with a motorhome is definitely the sense of freedom you get and the endless options for holidays that offer unique experiences. To me, exploring the world with a motorhome and living your days as you wish, with the company of your loved ones is simply unbeatable. You see a cute village? An interesting site? A breathtaking view? A bewildering sunrise? A romantic sunset? You just pull over and let yourself take everything in, till the last cell of your body feels the beauty your eyes see. Plus, you make so many friends along the way, some of which may be friends for life! You never know.

With my three best friends from high school, we have met some of the most interesting people from across Europe with our VW Transporter (it is amazing how many strangers approach VW-type campers and start conversations with them!). However, one of the trips that we remember the most of is in Scotland. It was a long, yet absolutely rewarding journey. At first, we thought about wild camping, but we soon rejected the idea, although Scotland is full of fancy stops to park up and enjoy heart-stopping views, including mountains, lochs and stunning coastlines. At that time, we were more into the organised campsite experience.

We knew that using carrier bags to carry our clothes is way much better than having travel luggage with us that take up too much space. Plus, they can be put away in all sorts of crannies and nooks. We had an outline plan but, considering the many times that we deviated from it and ended up someplace else, we knew that we about to live another diverse experience, and that we did!
I know it looks like we knew what we are doing, but we didn't ! We just came across so many great resources on the internet, that we couldn't belive how lucky we are ! For example this motorhome checklist I don't know what we would do without it.

When we got to our campsite, at Bay View Farm, we were welcomed by some of the best views in Cornwall. We could see from the site to West Looe on the far side of Hanner Fore, and all the way to St. George's Island. The moment we got to the campsite, I remember wanting to walk barefoot through the dew kissed grass (we were traveling all night to get there early in the morning) and just throw myself to the beach. It was mid-July, so a dive was so desirable! The beach with the almost sugar-fine sand (or at least it seemed like that to me!) was just an arm's length, and the waters were so clear that you could see your toes!

In the afternoon, the three of us and our new friends from Italy staying at a camping snug close to where we dropped anchor (their wooden hut was absolutely charming!), head for Polperro, a picturesque village about 10 miles away and took leisure strolls while picking up our fish for the barbeque that was to follow later on. Our first evening ended with us and tens of other people sharing stories, getting to know each other and enjoying a great BBQ around a huge pit fire. Everybody was laughing, kids still had the energy to play around the fire and race with their bikes, some moms were exchanging recipes, guys were drinking beers and babbling about sports...You know, the usual stuff when living in a campsite!

The next weeks found us enjoying ourselves to the last minute with hiking trips, walking along coastal paths, and getting the last rays of the sun at Black Rock resort, our favourite beach cafe, among many others. One of the most amazing things about going on holidays with a motorhome is that you are always so close to nature. If you choose to sleep under the stars, you just go ahead. Your house will be right next to you if you feel chilly during the morning hours! You can't have that in a hotel or flat.

Yes, our choice of place for that year's holidays was not a cosmopolitan Mediterranean island with a bustling nightlife, but we made our own nights! Karaoke nights, Taboo nights, strolls at the streets of the quaint village close-by, beer evenings with fellow campers, snorkeling contests, and lots more made our days feel like we were there only for a spec of time. Time really flies and, by the end of the day, all that matters is that you made every moment worth it.

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