Monday, 19 October 2015

Top 7 essentials for your new-borns nursery

Expecting a baby is an incredibly exciting time in anyone life, however, it can also be very stressful and somewhat expensive.  One of the biggest expenses associated to a new born baby is the furnishing and decorating of the nursery, especially for first time parents who are not sure what is necessary and what is not, therefore tend to overspend.  Parents often go over the top when it comes to their children and companies take advantage of this by developing an extensive range of products parents can buy for their nursery.  Most of these products are not necessary and if you were to buy everything it would cost you a small fortune. 

To help parents, avoid overspending on the nursery, we have listed seven of the most essential items that you will most likely need for your new arrival: 

  1. Moses basket and a cot:  

Your baby will need somewhere to sleep.  For the first few months of their life they will most likely be in a Moses basket in the same room as you, however, as they start to get a little older and develop a longer sleeping pattern, you may decide to move them into their own room.  First and foremost, you need to purchase a Moses basket and a stand to put it on, if you are struggling for money, a cot can wait until your baby is a little older and bigger.  Keep in mind that all babies are different, if your baby is an active sleeper and moves around a lot, you may find that they bang on the sides of the basket and keep waking up.  You may, therefore, end up moving your baby into a cot sooner than you expect.

  1. Wardrobe:

Pretty much everyone you know will buy your baby a cute little outfit, and it is surprising how much room these clothes take up.  Prepare yourself by having a wardrobe ready to store all of your babies outfits, coats and ‘going-out’ clothes.  Wardrobes are great as they usually have extra storage for things like baby towels and bedding. If you do not intend to buy a set of drawers, then consider buying a wardrobe with drawers in, or some baskets or something to house small items like socks, tights, hats and mittens.

  1. Chest of Drawers:

To accompany your wardrobe (or instead of if money is tight), buy a set of drawers.  Drawers are perfect for housing small baby clothes like vests and baby grows, things that can’t really be hung up.  What’s more is a chest of drawers can store quite a lot of clothes, which is exactly what you need with a new-born baby.

  1. Changing Station:

When your baby wakes in the middle of the night with a wet or dirty nappy, a changing station will prove to be invaluable. It will help you to change your baby quickly, in their own room and without disturbing them too much.  Furthermore, you will have everything you need to hand which will make it much easier for you when you are half-asleep yourself.

  1. Feeding Chair
You will be spending hours in the nursery at night time feeding and comforting your baby.  Even as your little one starts to sleep longer throughout the night, there will be times when they are teething or ill and you will need to see to them.  A comfortable feeding chair, therefore, is a must-have item.  


  1. Nightlight / Lamp:

During the night the last thing you want to have to do is turn on the main light in the nursery, this will wake up your baby and make it much more difficult to get them off to sleep.  A night light is therefore perfect as it will provide just enough light for you to see what you are doing, but not so much it wakes the baby.  

  1. Cot mobile / Noise machine:

Buy something like a cot mobile or a noise machine that plays lullabies and/or sounds that will help to soothe your baby and get them off to sleep.  

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