Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Shabby Chic bedroom accessories

Like so many others, I am in love with the shabby chic look and I am not afraid to show it.  I even wrote a piece about it while I was preparing for my holiday, I had bought a motorhome and was dying to make it my own, so I decided to redecorate it in a shabby chic style and share my experience. This got me thinking about how this shabby chic style would look perfect in my real home, a shabby chic bedroom in particular would be beautiful and girly. Creating this effect is very simple and really cheap, if you want to find out how to create shabby chic look, check out this guide.

To create your very own shabby chic bedroom you’ll need to follow the same design ideas as you would in any other room, including salvaged furniture and plenty of wooden and re-painted items. As with any other room, it is the accessories that really bring out the shabby chic style, so to make it easier, I have put together a list of perfect shabby chic bedroom accessories:
  • Candles: add vintage candle holders and candelabras to your room, you can buy these at car boot sales and even charity shops for very little money.
  • Vases: vintage looking vases with some simple fresh flowers are an easy way of giving your bedroom that shabby chic feel, again for not much money.
  • Mirrors: shabby chic mirrors are a beautiful and elegant way of adding a shabby chic feel, you can hang big mirrors, have full length mirrors and even have smaller, hand-held mirrors on your dressing table.
  • Headboard: bring the shabby chic feel into your bed by replacing your headboard with something that looks more vintage, something made of metal and sturdy looking is perfect.
  • Clock: add a clock to your room, preferably an old clock that you have refurbished and repaired.  Big clocks with a simple design and vintage looking face are ideal, again this is something you can usually buy second hand.
  • Lamps: bring more lighting into your room and add some shabby chic lamps, also consider changing your standard light for a small chandelier.
  • Photo frames: placing these onto the surfaces or walls in your room is not only a great way to bring the people you love and the memories you cherish into your room, it is also a perfect way to add a shabby chic feel too.  Go to charity shops or car boot sales and buy random and old, or at least vintage looking, photo frames.
  • Beauty products:  place vintage looking perfume bottles on your dressing table, alongside things like a vintage hairbrush set.   Try to avoid having your modern appliances like your hair straighteners, on display.
  • Wall hooks: are not only functional for storing things like dressing gowns, but they are also a very cheap and easy way of adding that shabby chic feel.
  • Vintage fabric:  change curtains and bed linen for ones made from a vintage looking material, add things like lace doilies onto bedside tables and surfaces like your dressing table.
  • More accessories:  things like hanging hearts and butterflies that you attach to walls are all perfect and subtle shabby chic ideas.

Accessories are a perfect way to create the look you are going for, what’s more is they are much more fun as you can swap and change these as often as you like to keep the design of your room fresh.  Accessories allow you to add to your design over weeks until you finally have it perfect, and with regular trips to second hand shops they can be very cost effective.

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