Monday, 27 January 2014

Creative ways to display your photographs

We all have  a stack of family photos piled up somewhere that we haven't got round to framing or an SD card loaded up with images that are now a distant memory.

Maybe you’ve got some photo’s in an album some where that deserve to be up on the wall? It’s time to dust those photos off and get them up, photos are an amazing way of sharing your best loved memories without even saying a word.

Displaying these memories around your house is what can make your house a home. If you're struggling for ideas of how to present your photos then look no further - here are some top tips on giving your photos the home they deserve.  

Remember to be creative - this is your way of display photos that are important to you!


Using clipboards is a really modern way of displaying your photographs - the clipboard effect works really well in childrens nurseries or play rooms. Medium sized photos are probably the best size to used as they are just the right proportion to fit the clipboard. I think that black and white photos look best but thats just personal choice.

Photo Cubes

Photo cubes are really good if you're looking to get creative. To start your little DIY project all you’ll need is a few small wooden building blocks, some strong glue and a stack of photos. If you're printing your photos off at home it might be worth getting them laminated before hand. Simply cut your photos into squares a little smaller that the face of the cube so you have a wooden border around each photo, position the photos where you wanted them and use your glue to stick them down. Easy!

Photo Wreath

Have you got an old wooden wreath lying around from Christmas? Well heres your chance to make use of it. Once you’ve taken off all the red and green decor you’ll be left with simple woven twigs. Arrange your photos around the edge - don’t be too fussy, we’re going for the rustic look. You might find it easier using a glue gun - but super glue will be just as affective.

Photo Canvas

If you have a particular favourite photo that is really special to you then why not invest and get it printed onto a canvas. You can choose whatever size you like and it can have pride of place up on the wall.

Glass Jar Picture Frames

I love the vintage touch that glass jars add to a room. Glass jars have so many uses - but have you ever thought about using them as way of displaying your photos? This creative way of putting your photos up is perfect for kitchens - all you need to do is put your photo’s in the jar facing outwards, close the lid and voila! If you wanted to be even more creative then you could try decorating the top of the jars with ribbon or fabric, you could even get a variety of sizes and have a collection of them on the windowsill.

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