Friday, 6 December 2013

Modern Classic Living Room Design

Some iconic MidCentury Modern pieces in our living room

The living room is the central hub of the modern home, comfy, cosy, a place to entertain and a place to socialise, so the design and styling is important, as we spend probably the most amount of time there, a close second to the kitchen.

With the ever changing trends of interior fashion to keep up with, many of us may feel some social pressure to continually redesign our living rooms, whether it’s a simple change in d├ęcor or a brand new suite.
Whatever changes we decide to make, more often then not it’s going to cost us both time and money, especially if the redesign of choice means buying a new sofa, entertainment system or putting up new wall paper.
A great way to not make frequent changes to your living room is developing a look that stands the test of time, not necessarily conforming to a quintessential classical style or some sort of overly pretentious post modern chic.
There is a way to blur the lines between modernity and classical styling, resulting in a timeless look that will maintain its contemporary class for years to come; eliminating any need to waste your time and money on the latest short lived fads.

Choosing a Sofa that offers the Best of Both

image credit Sofa SOS
Leather is a brilliant choice for any modern living room, it ticks all the boxes for a look and feel that will stand the test of time; highly durable, flexible and ultra stylish.
Blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary, a classically styled leather sofa can capture the essence of period styling while still delivering a modern shape.
Of course, leather sofas come in a vast range of shapes, sizes and styles. To get a vintage look that sits wonderfully with modern furniture, try choosing a quilted leather sofa in a “weathered” brown, inspired by the timeless artistry of the classic Chesterfield sofa.
By adding a leather sofa or suite that mixes traditional styling with a contemporary design results in a timeless look, allowing you to invest in a suite safe in the knowledge that it will still be as comfortable and fashionable in years to come.
The living room does not revolve solely around the 3 piece suite. By choosing a sofa that compliments all types of interiors allows other features, such as a quirky coffee table or TV stand to take centre stage.
The beauty of a more neutrally styled sofa is that it can be compatible with a number of designs, allowing you to add more traditional elements elsewhere in the living room, with a detailed Victorian style mirror or maybe drawing your guest’s eyes towards a refurbished fireplace.
The sofa sits at the forefront of the living room area, often defining the overall style as it is the first feature you look at and use in the room.
Choosing a sofa that will stand the test of time or melt beautifully with other features is an important concept when choosing a sofa; it can be the difference between making a second purchase in a couple of years or owning a sofa that will be the subject of many compliments in years to come. 

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