Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Modernise your bathroom without breaking the bank

Broken Piggy Bank
When developing your home, remodelling your bathroom often takes a back seat to the living areas, with the kitchen often taking up a huge chunk of your budget.
We then want our living room and bedrooms to be as tasteful as possible as these are the spaces we use to entertain guests and more often then not only need a lick of paint or a small amount of furniture.
Lastly we look towards the bathroom, a room used predominantly for its functionality rather then its relaxing qualities.
With our budgets running low, it’s easy to skip the bathroom and begin developing it at a later date, when money isn't so much of an issue.
It is a common misconception that designing your bathroom will break the bank. A complete overhaul might be expensive but simply modernising your suite is a great way for your installation to stay current and tick over until you can afford a completely new installation.

Clean up the Clutter

If you have a big family, the bathroom can be a hive of activity, especially in the mornings where children are getting ready for school and parents for work. Amongst all the hustle and bustle it’s easy for the bathroom to get crammed with everyone’s bathroom products, whether it’s shampoos, razors or spare toilet rolls.
Try not to use your bathroom for storage as well as function and get rid of all the unused products in your suite for an ultra clean look.
By simply storing your spare toilet rolls in an air cupboard and throwing out old toothbrushes and unused shower gels, your bathroom can be revitalised.
Total cost: £0

Adding a range of stylish accessories to your bathroom suite not only can increase the functionality of your suite, it can also modernise it with a consistent trend throughout.

By choosing a matching a toilet roll holder, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and toilet brush, you can breath new life throughout your bathroom suite, adding a glint of chrome, contemporary styling and a wealth of functionality.
When choosing accessories make sure that you choose a complete range so the style oozes throughout the bathroom, don’t add accessories based purely on function (a tacky plastic toilet brush here and a mug for a toothbrush holder there); there are plenty of great bathroom brands to choose from that offer full sets of accessories at the forefront of modern chic.
Total Cost: £20-£100

Heat Things Up

It may not be an obvious answer to modernising your suite but making your bathroom a place in which you want to stay is a great way to make it more homely.
Instead of dipping in and out of the bath or rushing your morning routine to simply get away from the cold tiled floor and ceramics, add a heated towel rail and make your bathroom as comfortable as the other rooms in your home.
Moreover, a heated towel rail also adds further storage, a feature which can hold your towels and keep them warm for your exit from the bath or shower, making your bathroom experience all the more pleasant.
Acquiring a heated towel rail can be as cheap or as expensive as you can afford, with many of the world’s leading brands offering a range of different budget and luxury designs.
Total cost: £120-£400

With the above features considered you can transform your lifeless bathroom suite into a modern haven, a space used for more than just its function but a peaceful bathroom suite to unwind and relax at the end of a long day.  

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