Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Hot tub Party !

If you’re planning a Halloween party and want it to be a monstrous hit, then why not go one step further and bring a hot tub into the morbid mix. A hot tub is the perfect addition to any haunted house party.

Don’t be afraid! If you’ve hit a ‘dead end’ when it comes to ideas for your spooky Halloween hot tub party then look no further, here are some tricks and treats that are sure to give your guests a fright!

Dreadful Decorations

Decorations are a must, if you want to impress your guests the best thing to do is to get the place looking gruesomely good.
Around this time the shops are full with spooky decs to get everyone in the mood for Halloween. Left it last minute? don’t panic as there are plenty of alternative ways to get your place looking wicked.
Decorate around the hot tub with as many devilish decs as you like, hang plastic pumpkins up high, why not turn your garden into a grim graveyard by filling it with gravestones, hang cobwebs from the base of your hot tub and put plastic bats in nearby trees. Go all out the more terrifying the better!

Creepy Cocktails

Why not greet your guests on arrival with some tasty shocktails, they’ll be sure to loosen everyone up before you all head to the hot tub. Get yourself a giant cauldron and create a petrifying punch for all your guest to help themselves too, that way they will never have an empty glass. Why not try your hand at making some wickedly wobbly jelly shots, go for green and orange jelly, you could add some sour snakes make them ultimately gruesome.

Frightening Food Ideas

You must bare in mind that at some point your guests are going to be in just their swimwear. Not everyone is body confident so try and keep your scary snacks relatively light! Finger food is pretty hot tub friendly, be creative!
October is always pretty chilly so why not cook up a spooky serving of soup, again try not to make it too stodgy! Soup is so easy to reheat so if you have guests arriving at different times you can do two or three servings. Why not get your bake on this Halloween?  Make some creepy cupcakes, cookies and cake - pops. One things for sure your catering with be nothing to cackle about. Try and get hold of some plastic plates and cutlery if your guests are going to be in and out of the hot tub so the last thing they’ll want is soggy plates.

Mysterious Music

Okay, so the foods sorted, the decorations are up and you’ve got a cup of your home made petrifying punch in hand! What’s missing? The monster mashup mixtape thats what! Music is crucial for creating a seriously spooky atmosphere, try starting off with some classic Halloween tunes when your guests are arriving, use your sense of humour. Later on in the night when the hot tubs hot and the party is in full swing move on to some of your classic favourites, try and have a variety of music that will cater to the majority of your guests tastes.

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