Monday, 28 October 2013

Make your house into home

What makes a house a home? - It’s a difficult question as there are many things that can determine what makes your house feel “homely”. 

A home evolves over time and as the memory bank fills our home begins to reflect the different stages of our own development. As we grow so does our home, eventually it becomes to reflect our own personality.  When decorating we must ensure our home reflects who we are and how we live our lives.

Your home is a place where wonderful memories are made, you want to create an environment that is comforting, a refuge away from everything else. As individuals we are constantly changing our homes should be a reflection of this, rearranging or redecorating is not a bad thing - it gives us the opportunity to try new things.

So if you're struggling to turn your house into a home then here are some ideas that could help.

Hang your artwork

Putting up your pictures, photos and paintings is a way to make a home truly yours. There is nothing more personal and special than seeing pieces that you have created yourself or collected over time displayed on your walls.
There is no need to spend money on meaningless decor when you can create your own. Not everyone is into painting, whatever you’re into whether you enjoy making clothes, flower arranging , knitting or making music you should display your interests they are a reflection of who you are.

 Flaunt your favourites

We all have our favourites, whether its your most comfortable armchair, quilted blanket or antique carved coffee table - why hide it away if you love it?
Put anything that you hold near to your heart on display for all to see. You should centre your room around the furniture that holds the most memories.

Paint your rooms

Paint is the most inexpensive way to decorate. The colour you choose is up to you because it’s your home! Your walls can be painted over time and time again so don’t worry if you’re indecisive.  
White attracts light so if you want to create the illusion that your room is bigger than it is then white would be a wise choice, red or orange are great for creating the feeling of warm - be creative and choose a colour that reflects your personality.

Love your lighting

Lighting is the perfect way to create the illusion of warmth - even if it’s not cold outside having the right lighting can make your house cozy and comforting.
A little light goes a long way. Candles can create memories by making even ordinary occasions special without breaking the bank, keep a stash handy!

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