Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Creative Ideas For Your Dining Room

When it comes to decorating your dining room it can often get overlooked, however the dining room is a communal space where families can gather around for evening meals and spend time together catching up on the days activities, so making the dining room as comfortable as possible important.

Whether you use your dining room for spending time with the family, dinner parties or just for special occasions, decorating your dining room can be a highly enjoyable process creating a room for you and the family to enjoy.

Whether your style is traditional or you have a more contemporary interior, it is important that you incorporate your own style and make the space individual to your home. If you’re struggling for ideas look no further, here are some creative ideas for your dining room that are sure to fill you with inspiration and transform the space.

Colour Choice

Colour choice, is more important than you may think, red can stimulate appetite which of course can work well in a dining room especially if your a fan of having dinner parties where you want your guests to enjoy the food you’ve prepared for them.

Red also works well in family orientated room - as it is associated with love, emotion of comfort all of which are great for a family environment.


Lighting can completely change the mood of a room, it can make you house a home and thats why it’s so important to get it right in your dining room.

Usually it’s best to keep lighting central in your dining room so installing a light fitting directly above the dining room table is always a good idea. This puts emphasis on the importance the table has on the room, making it the main feature.

Setting the Table

Whether you like to keep your table set constantly as part of the decoration or you set the table as and when you’re ready to sit down to eat, the way you set the table can have a great impact on the overall decor of the room.

There are several ways to set your table that a table can be dressed however this will be different for each household. Family dining rooms can be a little more relaxed, make the process an enjoyable experience and get the kids involved. Kids can often become restless at dinner so use equipment that is going to keep them entertained throughout, chalk board place mats are a great idea and look really stylish too!

If you’re hosting a dinner party or it’s a special holiday meal then you want to ensure that your table is looking impressive. Go the extra mile and make each place setting special to each individual guest. Name cards and small presents are a nice way of adding that individual touch, use your imagination, miniature drinks, homemade cookies, a scroll with the  menu on, fresh flowers and folded napkins - these are all great ways of making your dinner party a night to remember.

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