Wednesday, 9 April 2014

5 Apps to keep you busy on the toilet

There's no getting away from it - a trip to the toilet can be a dull one. Regardless of the intended length of stay, we're all glad of some respite from the task at hand.
Magazines, newspapers and books have all proved worthy toilet companions in the past. These days, if you need something to help pass the time when nature calls, it's likely your smartphone will make the journey with you.

Today, I’d like to recommend 5 apps which will keep you busy on the toilet.
No one wants to come with you. Let's remember that straight away. On the other hand, everyone loves a friendly game of scrabble. Words With Friends is the perfect solution - it's an addictive, well-designed take on a game which you can play against your friends. They won't have to set foot out of their house, or, more importantly, into your loo.
Check out what your friends are up to, interact with them via live chat and tell everyone what you're doing (after you've left the toilet!). Facebook is the mother of all time wasting devices and its mobile app has clearly been designed to be the perfect toilet companion.
Inspiration can strike anywhere and often when you least expect it. Time on the toilet can be reflective and thought-provoking. If it sparks an idea for your next song, literary masterpiece or business empire, Evernote is the perfect place to catch the idea, with brilliant note taking ability.
Nothing suits solitary tasks better than musical accompaniment. Whether your visit to the toilet requires some easy listening, bubblegum pop or ear-bleeding metal, TuneIn Radio has just about every station you could think of, available at the press of a finger.

I've already discussed the merits of social media on the toilet, but with so many different services available and with little time available to keep switching between apps, Flipboard is the perfect answer for those who want to make their stay in the bathroom as brief as possible. This pretty app groups together all of the content from your social networks and displays it in a format which will be instantly recognisable to any magazine-wielding toilet professional.

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