Friday, 2 May 2014

How To Mix Patterns in Home Decor

I have always considered dealing with patterns pretty risky, however if patterns are combined together correctly they can work wonders for your interior transforming a space from soulless to sensational.

Recently I’ve began introducing more patterns into my home interiors and thought I’d share some tips on how I’ve done so. Trust me it’s easier than you think, so if you're looking for inspiration on how to mix patterns in your home then look no further - take a look at the follow tips that are guaranteed to make your home look ultra stylish without breaking the bank.

How to start mixing patterns?

Start with the basics, so you’re not going to overload your room with patterns all at once. For a start go with your favourite pattern, one that you simply love and won’t get bored of easily.

Once you’ve got a chosen pattern then go off that and search other patterns that complement your favourite. Go for three patterns with a range of scales for example mix large florals with ditsy florals or bold geometrics with narrow stripes.

Use the same colours in patterns

This is a pretty obvious point but you must use a range of colours that actually work well with one another. If your going to mix colours, that’s fine, but you need to ensure that there is a repeating colour that appears within each pattern.

Some colours look great when they clash however there must be a base colour that appears within each pattern to ensure everything still matches.

Go beyond fabric choice

Its not just about fabric choice, think of the other accessories and items that complete your interior. Repeat patterns and motifs on an array of different textures and accessories, certain patterns used on your cushions can also be re used on your blinds, lampshade or rug.

If you’re going to use a wide variety of pattern ensure that the rest of your interior is a little more reserved, if you’re going to use a variety of pattern cushions for example, you should have a block colour sofa and flooring to balance the room out.

Size Matters

In this case size really does matter. When you come to decorating your room you need to consider its size, for example you wouldn’t choose to use large scale patterns in a small room as it will be totally overpowering.
Be sure to collect patterns and samples and test them out at home before you invest, this will ensure that the size of fabric you choose is suitable for the size of your room. Larger scale patterns work better on curtains and wallpaper, however smaller patterns may suit smaller cushions or wall canvases.

Patterns don’t mean colour

Lets get this straight, patterns don’t always have to be colourful. If bold colours aren’t your thing then there are plenty of patterned fabrics and accessories out there that use subtle colours. Not all patterns are bright and ‘out there’ if you prefer you’re interiors to be a lot more toned down then you can still play around with different patterns. Use tone on tone colours and if you earth or neutral background colours.

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