Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How colour psychology can help you with home decor ?

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What we see with our eyes can affect the systems of our body - especially with colour.
The area of colour psychology is naturally fascinating, colour can impact our moods, feelings and behaviour so for an interior designer colour choice is really important.

Adding a splash of colour can transform a room and if you take colour psychology into account when decorating you could be amazed by the effect that colour can have. For example, you would not paint a child's bedroom black or your office bright yellow - it’s all about choosing a colour that will set the right mood.

The hues that you pick for a rooms walls and ceiling need to be both functional and stylish. Follow these colour psychology tips to ensure that your chosen colour scheme is a hit rather than a miss.

Bright colours

Brighter colours are ideal for making a space feel welcoming. Vibrant shades like green, yellow and orange are friendly colours and encourage the feeling of happiness.

Blue for example is perfect for nurseries or kids playrooms as it is said to create a motivating atmosphere. It’s important to think carefully about what shades you decide on as some shades of blue can be quite calming but others can be quite turbulent.

Dark colours

Dark colours need to be used with care as they can make a room feel gloomy dispelling some negative emotions. However some darker colours such as red and purple can provide comfort and security - if applied in the right way that is.

Dark red has been proven to raise peoples blood pressure and heart rate so if your are considering a dark shade of red perhaps opt for earthy shades like brick red this will be much more comfortable and inviting.

Cold Colours

Cooler colours tend to have a calming effect so try and opt for this sort of colour pallet in the bedroom or in the bathroom. Blue is a great colour for kids as it said to inspire and motivate.

Pale blues and mint greens work in bedroom as they provide a calm relaxing tone at night yet in the morning are bright and fresh to energize you for the day ahead. Blue should be avoided for people that suffer from sadness or depression and particularly those that don’t like cold weather.

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