Friday, 14 February 2014

Perfect room for a little princess

"Every little girl, is a princess in progress "

My younger cousin loves anything girly and has dreamed of having a little princess themed bedroom. Naturally I wanted to help and make her dream come true, so I've decided to put together a post of princess themed ideas to give me some inspiration.

Together, we've come up with a range of ideas that can transform a little girls bedroom making it fit for a princess. If you're looking for some ideas on creating a magical princess themed room then hopefully you will find these ideas useful.

Beautiful Bedding

After a long day of being a princess all your little girl will want to do is kick off her glass slippers and jump in to bed so it’s important to get her bedding just right! When dressing your princess bed don’t hold back - turn the bed into a beautiful vision by choosing a selection of decorative pillows and throws.

All girls have a favourite princess and most bed sets are available for each of the Disney princesses, however if you're just looking for a general princess theme then you could opt for ruffled or decorative bed sheets - look out for anything with glitter, butterflies or ponies.

Cotton bedding of course is more practical but if you're going to splash out you could go for silk or satin - only the best for royalty.

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Cute Colours

Candy colours are perfect for princesses, candy pink is the obvious choice but try teaming this with white or gold to add a touch of elegance.

Don’t make everything pink, going overboard with pink accessories could be problem when you little princess hits her teens and wants to feel a little more grown up.

Extravagant Accessories

Accessories are what will really transform your princesses boudoir. A canopy over the bed is crucial - this provides a cosy haven for your sleeping beauty to dream about her prince charming.

Of course no royal bedroom would be complete without a touch of gold and some precious jewels, add small touches such as a gold curtain pole, a jewelled chandelier or fairy lights - be sure to provide your princess with a large gold mirror so she can look her best at the ball.

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