Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ten Unique Room Themes

There are several factors that go into creating a great room, regardless of whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or basement space. Spaciousness, layout, and window placement/frequency are a few things to keep in mind when designing a room, but so is something that can turn your room into something magical: a consistent and striking theme.

Giving your room a unique theme can seem like a risky endeavor. What if you grow tired of that particular theme? While it’s true that some drab and overly experimental themes can appear unappealing or tacky over time, these ten unique room themes below are sure to last:

Dr. Seuss Kid’s Room

Does your child have a favorite book? Use it to inspire their bedroom décor. Use vibrant colors and stick on wall art to create a nurturing and creative environment. Paint their dresser with the colors from One Fish, Two Fish like the picture above. Don’t forget to include a fun bedspread and a unique bookcase filled with all of Dr. Seuss’ books.

Whimsical Elvish Bedroom

 Relax in middle earth’s most beautiful city—Rivendell. Use calming wall colors and décor pieces that give your room a transcendent feel. Use glossy paint on the ceiling near the lights to create a peaceful glow. Include a Roman-styled statue, a few trees and elegant chair and pillow furnishings. Use metal branches to hold candles or a unique lamp like the picture above.

Asian Escape

Are you living in America but wishing you could be overseas in Asia? Create your own little escape by decorating your bathroom, living room or bedroom with Asian zing. Use Chinese styled wall dividers to set the tone of the room with box style tables and pillows with the Chinese symbol for love, joy and peace. Create ambience with a small Japanese Zen garden, a water fountain, lanterns, and orchids placed throughout the room. Use natural bamboo flooring to tie the entire room together.

Black and White

A room centered around black and white colors can provide a striking appearance. The apartment above, which is on New York's Upper East Side and designed by Brian McCarthy, shows how large windows and incoming light can provide an extra oomph to this stylish color contrast.

Wood-y Comfort

A room like the one above uses the wood-y design of a cabin, but with a modern feel accentuated by the low-set couch, prominent display of books, and general modern mystique of the walls -- which appear stylishly in a horizontal pattern.


A window-heavy room is desired among many who own a home in a private or wooded area. Feeling like you’re outside while still in the comfort of your living room is appealing for anyone who wants to feel the outdoors without stepping foot outside their door.

Aquatic Bliss

The room above provides an underwater-like feel with its gentle blues, circular furniture pieces, and modern TV placement. If you want an enchanted underwater feeling, this theme may be perfect for you.

BBC Fantasy Library

Do you have a favorite TV show or movie? You can use it to inspire a room in your house. For example, in a BBC library you can have a door that looks like the door to the Tardis in Doctor Who. The room can have dark undertones with lots of piles of books and a skull similar to Sherlock’s flat.

Glossy Kitchen

If you want to give your kitchen a retro-minded feel reminiscent of ‘50s diners, use a glossy red color throughout the sides of your kitchen appliances. There are several kitchen appliances with similar themes of silver and red that can fit well in this theme. For an extra kick, hang old records or shiny CDs over the bar or island. Include a candy dispenser or a tiny boombox that acts as a radio or iPod player

A Lion’s Den

If you’re in love with a particular location, like an African Safari, then an all-encompassing location theme may be a fit. For example, decorate your office with a Zebra rug or cow-hide chair. Use African styled accents like the table and décor in the picture above. Use light, off-white wallpaper with an aboriginal feel. Don’t forget to get a bonsai tree and animal bookends.

The ten room themes above are unique and bound to please. Although some may seem too experimental or over-the-top for some tastes, it’s always worth keeping an open mind when designing a room, as it’s easier to construct an effective theme for your room if you have others in your mind for context.

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