Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tips for organising your wadrobe

“If you’re like me then your wardrobe is constantly a disorganised mess. I always thought it would be too difficult for a busy lady like me to keep my wardrobe neat and tidy, however since I decided to have a good clear out and get my wardrobe organised I’ve managed to keep it that way.

If you want to get some organization back into your life just like I’ve done, then you’re in luck! I’ve created a list of useful tips for organizing your wardrobe that will make your life so much easier…”

Clear it out

Take this opportunity to start clearing out the things that you don’t wear anymore, the rule that I always abide by is if you have worn it in the last 12 months then you’ll never wear it. Have three piles, keeping, selling and charity.

Not only will you make room for new clothes but you’ll also make a bit of money too, pick a charity of your choice and as long as the clothes are in good condition they’ll be more than happy to sell on anything that you don’t want anymore.

Out with the old in with the new

Whenever you buy anything new try and throw (recycle) out something old. Some people have emotional attachments to certain pieces of clothing which is understandable, however if there are clothes that you know don’t fit you anymore or are looking a little tatty then its time to let them go.

Colour Code

It really does help if you decide to colour code your clothes. If you put them in order of colour then you’ll be able to coordinate your clothing a lot easier especially when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

Another way of organising your clothes is by hanging all your tops together, then you blouses, jumpers, trousers, jeans etc, that way you aren’t rummaging around - it’s definitely helped me to get ready much quicker in the morning.

Hanging what where?

Your bound to have clothes that you wear more often than others, so make sure your favourite items are near the front of the wardrobe. Put the things that you wear rarely at the back of the wardrobe they’ll only get in the way when your dressing.

I tend to change my clothes around with the seasons, Autumn and Winter is now packed away ready for next year!

Get new hangers

If you haven’t got enough hangers buy more! They’re relatively inexpensive so they shouldn’t cost you much. Make sure you match your hangers to your clothes, the right hangers will help keep your clothes off the floor too!


Try to coordinate your clothes, don’t just buy clothing because you like it (especially if you’re a student like me) you have to go for clothes that match the ones you already have else you’re going to be standing in front of your wardrobe in the morning scratching your head deciding what goes with what.

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