Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Stop Burglars in Their Tracks With These Five Tips

This is a post written by my friend James. Unfortunetely, I am not a homeownr just yet :)
Thanks James.

When I purchased my first home, it was easy to get excited about a lot of things, from the home improvement projects I’d pursue to the ability to implement any interior design plans I wanted. Being a homeowner is a thrilling experience; you can finally call a place “yours.”


All these things are exciting, but it was equally important to keep in mind the potential of a burglary. I didn’t purchase a home in a dangerous area, but burglaries can happen anywhere — and do, over two millions times per year. No one wants a burglar to ruin the hard work that went into their home or to create stressful memories that are preventable.

With that in mind, I’d recommend the tips below to homeowners to burglar-proof their home. They provided me with a peace of mind and, to date, have resulted in absolutely no burglary attempts.

1. Avoid a Cord on the Garage Door

A garage cord may be convenient, but it's advised to cut down any cord on your garage door. Many doors have a cord hanging down from the opener track to accommodate easy opening, but this convenience puts homeowners at risk for burglars, who can use a coat hanger to grab the cord and gain access to your garage and, consequently, house.

2. Consider Home Security

There are an abundance of security systems to choose from, all with varying prices and effectiveness. Ninety percent of burglars claim they will not attempt to burglarize a house if an alarm system is present. As a result, the mere presence of an alarm system can be worth its price. It's impossible to monitor your home 24/7 on your own, so if budget allows it's advised to consider a home security system.

3. Re-Key Any Locks

Unless it’s a brand-new home with no previous inhabitants, it’s strongly advised to re-key all locks in your home. Even if the previous homeowners seem trustworthy, you can’t be sure that they didn’t hand out a copy of their keys to a shady character. Just to be on the safe side, re-key all locks to prevent an unwanted intruder from coming in.

4. Consider a Gun Safe

If you’d like to exercise your second amendment right and have a gun in your home for protection, it’s advised to invest in a gun safe. This prevents anyone from having access to it but yourself. Place the gun vault in an area of the house that will act as your safe room if anyone breaks into your home.  

5. Implement a Deadbolt Lock with Long Screws

Experienced burglars know how to unlock even a deadbolt lock. However, the longer a deadbolt lock’s screws, the more difficult it is for them to unlock it. Replace the current screws with three-and-a-half inch screws, resulting in a much more secure door. "It goes all the way through the door jam, into the two by four framing. It makes it very hard to kick the door in," says Acme locksmith Robert Vallelunga.

By following the tips above, there’s no reason to get anxious about the potential of a burglary. If taking the precautions above, it’s highly unlikely your home will be burglarized.

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